Basic Healthy Rabbit Care Guide

Spending a few minutes each day on basic rabbit care helps to strengthen the relationship between you and is all that most rabbits need to stay healthy. If you can spend longer with your rabbit, playing and talking, then this is better still. My page on Building rabbit relationships will help you establish your daily routine.

The most important care your pet needs is a proper diet and constant access to clean fresh water. Making sure your bunny has the proper balance of fresh greens, good quality hay, and rabbit mix or pellets keeps his energy and immunity at peak levels for a fit, healthy life. See my Diet section for details on rabbit nutrition and diet.

If your companion lives outdoors, then apart from making sure she has a good diet, you need to know what a pet rabbit requires for shelter – from the elements and from predators. If your friend lives in the house, then he still needs a place of his own – see under Shelter for what your rabbit is looking for in the perfect home.

rabbit care
Rabbit Care – Bubus

Indoors or out, all rabbits need a nice place to snuggle and sleep and to use for their toilet; my page on rabbit bedding will help you choose the best sort of litter material.

Fleas are the biggest danger to rabbits – they not only drink your friend’s blood but carry deadly diseases. My section on Fleas gives details of how to protect your pet from these little vampires and the illnesses they can bring.

Long haired or elderly rabbits may need help grooming themselves but short-haired rabbits usually keep themselves clean by licking and scratching their fur. Pet rabbits can learn to enjoy being gently brushed with a cat brush – see under Grooming for details of how to introduce grooming to your bunny. You can also find details here on how to clip claws without trauma to you or your pet!

Pet rabbits can learn many tricks and skills with some training – and like dogs, a well-trained rabbit is a better companion. See under training for details of litter training, leash training and how to teach your rabbit tricks!

An important part of rabbit care is knowing that rabbits’ teeth grow continuously and they need to keep them short by gnawing and chewing hard food – your vet can help if your rabbit’s teeth become overgrown. The section on teeth will show you what to look for in a healthy rabbit’s mouth and how to recognize tooth problems.

All this rabbit care takes just a few minutes of your day – but it can make all the difference to your bunny friend!

Beginner Healthy Rabbit Care Guide [VIDEO]

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