The Benefits Velvet Antler Dog Treats Have on Your Pet’s Health

Velvet antler dog treats are delicious and healthy chews for dogs, especially those that suffer from joint inflammation. They are usually made from deer or elf antlers. Antlers are grown by many types of deer and used as weapons. They regenerate every year, being made from a material with a bone-like structure.

Every spring, deer grow a new pair of antlers. At first, the antlers are made of soft and delicate cartilage that mineralizes in time. The antlers transform into bones in late summer. As they grow, a layer of soft fur appears on their surface. This layer is called velvet and has protective functions. After the antlers grow completely and strengthen, the protective layer of fur is no longer needed, and deer rub it off on trees. This shed layer is often confused with the actual process used to create velvet antler dog treats.

Velvet Antler Dog Treats
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What do Antlers Contain?

Deer antlers consist of many healthy minerals, including calcium, zinc and phosphorous. They also contain other nutrients, like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, chondroitin sulfate or Glycosaminoglycans. These substances have beneficial effects on joint function, relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Therefore, giving velvet antler treats to your pet could contribute to the health of its joints. The substances found in antlers attract fluids, supporting animal cartilage. This fluid is very important for the health of the cartilages because it absorbs shock and attracts nutrients, preventing the cartilage from becoming fragile, dried or malnourished.

How to give Antler Treats to Your Dog?

Antler treats are healthy foods for your dog. Buy the appropriate sized antler treat for your dog in order to prevent it from choking .   Besides chews, there are other types of velvet antler dog treats: for example, chips or powder. Make sure you follow the instructions on the package when offering the treats to your dog.

What are the Benefits of Velvet Antler Dog Treats?

Velvet antler dog treats contribute to the health of your dog’s cartilages and joints. They prevent arthritis and reduce swelling and pain in dogs that suffer from joint inflammation. Antler treats are also good for your dog’s teeth, keeping them clean and healthy. Antler supplements are recommended for the recovery of your dog after it has undergone surgery or suffered an injury.

The treats are all natural, so they present no risk for your dog. They are odorless, so their smell will not disturb the dog’s owners. Furthermore, antler chews keep your dog busy and interested for a long time, because they last longer than other types of chews. Contributing to your dog possibly chewing less on other household items

Antler treats have many other health benefits. They stimulate blood circulation and increase the energy levels and vitality of your dog. They also strengthen the immune system and help bone and tissue repair. So, if you want to offer your dog something healthy to eat, velvet antler dog treats are one of the best choices.  If you are interested in buying velvet antler treats online please click the image below or support our sponsors. Thank you.

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