Best Dog Food for Arthritis and Where to Find It

A dog that has health problems, such as arthritis, will also have difficulties in eating, and this is why it is recommended to offer your furry friend only the best dog food for arthritis, if you want to see him/her happy again.

And this best dog food for arthritis should contain vitamins and supplements, meant to improve your dog’s overall health and lead to a better life. Your precious friend may have a lack of chondroitin and glucosamine, which might have led to his/her arthritis problems. Luckily, dog diet supplements, usually presented in the form of pills, oils and chewables, are full of vitamins and minerals required for treating this issue.

Best Dog Food for Arthritis
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Best Dog Food For Arthritis – Types of Food and Some Considerations

Formulas created for dogs that have health problems or for senior dogs, which unavoidably encounter this arthritis issue, among other problems, are lower in calories and contain a specific amount of nutrients.

The diet of a dog which suffers from arthritis should contain sweet potatoes, fish, lamb, brown rice, chicken, turkey meat, carrots and oat.

A dog that has arthritis may also have problems in being attracted to food; in other words, the dog may stop eating, if the food is not appealing to it. So to make your dog eat with pleasure, you should offer him/her only foods that look and smell good. At the same time, these foods should be offered in small dry kibbles, to tempt the dog.

Where to find food supplies for dogs that suffer from arthritis

A great solution for finding the best dog food for arthritis problems and other health issues is to address a veterinarian. He/she will be able to recommend you a special brand of dog food supplies created especially for dogs that suffer arthritis.

Another solution is to search online for dog food. This method comes with a great advantage; besides just checking the prices of the dog food that you could buy, you can also see the reviews posted by people that have already bought those products, so you will then be able to make an informed decision regarding a product or another.

When you look for dog food, instead of going from store to store, you can also ask some friends who also have dogs for advice. Still, you need to pay attention that a food that works for a dog might not work for another one, so you should still ask your vet’s opinion before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

Arthritis is indeed a problem, but like many other problems, it can be solved, and if you start early, when this condition is not very advanced, you may have a chance of full recovery. This stands true not only for humans, but also for dogs that may have joint problems. And the solution in the case of dog arthritis lies in following a proper diet, which consists of the best dog food for arthritis, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

There are two options for buying dog food for an arthritic dog.  You can make your own, or purchase a premium quality dog food.

If you prefer to buy a premium quality dog food, Dog Arthritis Advisor recommends Wellness Super5Mix Dry Dog Food, Just for Seniors Recipe for dogs with arthritis.

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