Homemade Dog Food For Your Bull Terrier Dog

Food or Diet is one of the most important factors that influence the health and live span of your Bull Terrier. Those who feed their animal with low quality junk food, increase the risk of serious health problems like dog irregular heartbeat and severe disorders resulting from poor body development and even death. Keep in mind that by saving a few dollars you can dramatically shorten the life of your dog. Responsible breeders always reach for quality over price. On a side note, poor fed dog with health problems equals to high bill from the veterinarian. Homemade dog food for your Bull Terrier is one of the best and most reliable way to maintain the health of your pet.

Basically, you have two choices – commercial dry food or raw diet, the final decision is yours. While the commercial dry food is already balanced to contain the majority of important ingredients, it is not so easy when you decide to prepare the food yourself. We do not need to argue that properly prepared homemade food is much better for your dog, but not everybody is capable of compiling a quality recipe containing all that your Bull Terrier needs. If you are willing to do your part of research and learning, by all means go for homemade dog food. For those who are inexperienced or simply too lazy, go and pick some high quality dry dog food.

Bull Terrier Homemade Dog Food

In case you decided to start preparing homemade food for your Bull Terrier, make sure you did some additional reading. I am no expert in this field so I can only give you a few hints. Many people feed their dogs with pure meat which is a big mistake, bones are an important part of the diet. Take caution with poultry bones, they might crush and hurt your dog. The same goes for cooked bones as they can splinter. Do not experiment with recipes unless you are an expert. Balanced diet needs to contain many ingredients, minerals or vitamins… without it, your dog could suffer. Better use a recipe compiled by some expert.

When preparing food for your Bull Terrier based on some recipe, make sure you add all ingredients, failure to do so will result in absence of some important ingredient. Every ingredient has its role and leaving some out will destroy the whole recipe.Let me say that not all experts and even veterinarians agree that homemade dog food is better than commercial dry food. Some say it is because they profit on selling dry food themselves, but the final decision is up to you to make.

Bull Terrier Appearance and Health Issues Due to Non Homemade Dog Food Items:

The most remarkable and typical body part of the Bull Terrier is its egg shaped head, that makes it pretty much impossible to mistake this dog breed for another one. These dogs have typical triangular small eyes, that are dark and deep set. The nose is black and the nostrils are well developed. Bull Terriers have strong and robust body with well developed muscles. The tail should be carried horizontally and be of mediocre length. These dogs walk with a so called “jaunty gait”.

The standard does not limit the weight or height of the Bull Terrier, but the usual average is 21-24 inches(52-61 cm) height and 50-85 lbs (22-38 kg) weight. There are two color based varieties, White and Colored. The White Bull Terriers have white coat with markings allowed on the head, markings below the neck area are to be faulted. Colored dogs can have any other color than white, or any color with white markings. The preferred color for the Colored variety of Bull Terrier is brindle.

Health – Bull Terrier do not suffer from a big number of health problems, but there are still certain possible health complications you should be aware off. Some health problems may also occur due to lack of non homemade dog food items.

The most important is possible deafness – every Bull Terrier puppy should be checked before being sold. As much as 20% of white Bullies suffer from this problem. Its much less frequent with the colored variety.

Skin problems – this is another problem typical for the White variety of Bull Terriers, it is probably connected with faults in the immune system. These dogs are also prone to skin allergies, resulting for example from insect bites etc. Sometimes its enough to change the diet, other individuals require long term treatment with antibiotics.

Bull Terriers may also face Neurological and Behavioral problems. Due to stress or lack of activities, some Bullies will start to chase their tails, which might not be a problem. When this behavior escalates, the dogs start “spinning”. Spinning Bull Terrier is obsessed with its tail and would chase it circle for hours. Another seizure-type disorder is the so called “rage”. A raging dog is unpredictable and very dangerous and it is highly recommended to consider euthanasia.


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