Bull Terrier Dog Breed General Characteristics

Bull Terriers (or English Bull Terriers) are mean looking dogs with a reputation that goes with their looks. But, just like with many other things, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Even though their muscular shoulders, intimidating jaws and quite oddly shaped head might look quite intimidating, they are actually extremely friendly dogs with a cheerful nature and a playful attitude. People who have had a lot of contact with this breed often describe then as clowns of the dog world, which usually comes as quite a surprise to those who have only heard about this breed’s violent side.

Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Bull Terrier Dog Breed is usually 18 to 22 inches tall and they generally weigh somewhere between 50 and 85 pounds. Their long, egg-shaped head, with an almost flat top, is their most distinguishing feature. Bull Terriers have small ears that are set close. They have small dark eyes that are triangular in shape and that look rather unique and even slightly odd. Bull Terriers have very strong muzzles with teeth that lock either in scissor or level bite. Their tails are short and carried in level with the dog’s back.

Bull Terriers have very compact and muscular bodies that are full of strength and vigor. Seeing that the breed was developed by pairing Bulldogs with different kinds of Terriers, it is not surprising that they show the high level of energy and explosive manner so common to the Terriers as well as strength and stability of Bulldogs. Their coats are short and somewhat coarse. There is a subdivision of Bull Terriers according to the color of their coat into White and Colored. White Bull Terriers’ coats are completely white except for possible markings on the head while the Colored ones can come in a variety of colors, but the shows prefer brindle ones. They can have white markings on their coats, but if the white is dominant they are disqualified.

Bull Terrier Dog Breed is extremely lively, sometimes up to the point of being a nuisance. A combination of great strength and unbridled desire to jump around and play can sometimes be quite dangerous, even without any ill intent on the dog’s part. This is why they shouldn’t be left around small children or elderly people (not that there were many people that would consider doing that in the first place).

Even though they are extremely friendly when people are concerned, they have strong prey drives which make them very aggressive toward other animals. If they grow up with a cat they might learn to tolerate its presence, but the animals that the Bull Terrier Dog Breed doesn’t know would do well to stay out of its reach. Even when properly socialized while puppies, they can also get very hostile toward other dogs.

Bull Terriers can sometimes get a bit stubborn and difficult to deal with. This usually happens if they have been raised by an owner who gave the dog too much liberty and who didn’t institute him or herself as a strong and dominant pack leader. This will make the dog believe that he is in charge and he will behave accordingly.

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