Bulldog Dog Breed General Characteristics

Bulldogs are one of the most popular pet dog breeds today. They owe this to their winning personality, friendly demeanor, extreme devotion to their owners, their love of children and their looks, which some do find a bit odd and unappealing, but others consider adorable. They are lively puppies but tend to slow down as they grow up. A Bulldog Dog Breed will do just about anything to protect his loved ones and they make excellent guard dogs. They are very courageous but are by no means aggressive or vicious.

Bulldog Dog Breed

Bulldogs have a very characteristic appearance. They are very compactly built, they have muscular, broad shoulders and quite large heads that are full of wrinkles. Their back legs are lengthier than their front, so they can sometimes look as if they are gentle sloped forward. They are usually 12 to 16 inches tall, males generally weigh somewhere between 50 and 56 pounds, while females weight anywhere between 48 and 52 pounds. They are interestingly proportioned. The circumference of their head, measured in front of the ears, should be at equal or greater than the dog’s height at withers.

Their wide-set eyes should be as far away from the ears as possible. They are medium sized, round and usually quite dark in color. Their ears are set high on the head and should be slightly bent backward so that some of the inner ear is showing. They have flat foreheads and a lot of wrinkles on their faces. Bulldogs have strong teeth that are almost always undershot to a lesser or greater extent. They have large nostrils and usually black noses. Their tails are either straight or screwed, never curly, and are not being docked.

They have a single coat that is thick, fine, smooth and rather short. It doesn’t offer too much protection from the cold. Their coats come in vide variety of colors such as solid red, white, black, fallow, fawn, or different types of brindle. They will often have a small white marking on the chest.

Bulldogs are not exactly among the smartest dog breeds, and they can be a bit willful or even stubborn. But this doesn’t mean that they are not obedient and that they won’t do whatever they can to please their owner. They don’t really require a lot of exercise or activity and they quite like just laying around all day. You should take them out for a walk every day, but that is pretty much all the exercise that they’ll need.

Because of their short muzzles they can have some respiratory problems, snore quite loudly and manage heat badly. They are not resistant to either heat or cold and should be kept inside. If they are in a yard they must have access to some shade during the warmer seasons. They are great with children, but they can sometimes be a bit suspicious of strangers which make them alert guard dogs. They get very attached to their owners and shouldn’t be left alone for too long, lest they develop separation anxiety, a condition that might have a permanent negative influence on the dog’s behavior.

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