Bulldogs Temperament

Bulldogs have been bred to be bullfighting dogs. They would charge a bull that was tied to a pole and try to bite his snout and drop him to the ground. However, if you see a present day Bulldog, you might have a hard time believing that.


Today’s Bulldogs have almost none of their ancestor’s viciousness and aggressiveness. They are extremely friendly and love people’s company. They are great with children and pretty docile with other dogs, although they can sometimes be a bit weary of them. You have to make sure that your bulldog spends a lot of time while he is a puppy with people and dogs that are friendly and gentle. This will teach him to expect only kindness from people and dogs that he doesn’t know, and he will treat them in kind.

This suspiciousness of strangers, combined with his insane courage makes Bulldog a perfect guard dog. He would easily fight a much larger dog in order to protect his owner. This is one of the few remnants of the character of his predecessors. If unprovoked, however, Bulldogs won’t instigate a confrontation.

They are rather lazy dogs. They can be quite energetic while they are puppies, but as time goes on they lose that liveliness and prefer to rest. This makes them extremely low maintenance dogs, the only exercise that they need is a daily walk and nothing else.

Bulldogs are not particularly bright. Intelligence tests were conducted on 80 breeds and they ranked as 78th. This means that if you want a dog that you can train to perform a lot of different commands, Bulldog is probably not the right breed for you. They are also known to occasionally be somewhat stubborn, which makes training them even harder. This doesn’t mean that they are not able to learn a few basic commands, which is more than enough for an average dog owner.

Bulldogs, like most of the other breeds, get very attached to their owners, and in time, they learn to expect and need the owner’s company. If they are left alone and neglected for too long their behavior is going to become rather unpleasant. They can start barking and whining a lot, become destructive and chew on furniture or dig holes if they are kept in a yard, and generally, become a proper nuisance. This is not something that should be ignored, as it can have quite serious and sometimes even permanent consequences. Make sure that you spend some time with your dog, and if sometimes you’re not able to, have someone else keep him company. They are sociable dogs and thrive in the company of people.

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is his perception of you and your family. Dogs are pack animals and packs have leaders and followers. When a dog lives with a family that family becomes his pack. He needs to know that his place is at the rear, that is he last in the pack hierarchy. If he starts considering himself the alpha he will not only become impossible to deal with, it will also put a lot of stress on him. You’ll let him know of his place by displaying your authority, decisiveness, and a strong character.

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