Few Tips and Ideas For Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

The dog food industry is booming with a number of dog owners finding it convenient to buy packaged products for their pets. They do not mind spending that extra bucks on dog treats as long as their pets are happy. But what many fail to realize, ‘are these dog treats safe on your dogs?’ The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a warning stating that chicken jerky products can cause kidney failure in dogs. Instead of wasting money on expensive dog treats that can cause more harm than good, it is better to make your own dog treats at the comforts and hygiene of your home. There is nothing complicated about making pet treats if you have the right recipe and the right ingredients at home.

homemade dog treat recipe


Few Tips For Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

  • Use of brown rice flour is advised as it is easily digestible. The reason behind using rice floor is that it is granular and does not rise or absorb moisture.
  • Avoid white flour as there is no worthy nutrient content when compared to whole grain. Flour made from whole grains like rice, wheat, oats, etc. can be used.
  • Instead of mixing the flour with water try homemade broth, vegetable stock or even non-fat milk. Now while moistening the dough some nutrients also can be added to the treat.
  • Just avoid using salt.
  • Get the right cookie cutter. There are fashionable cutters available in the shape of bones and other geometrical patterns to add glamour to the dog treat. Just roll the dough and cut into desired shapes and sizes and start baking.
  • Baking time can vary from oven to oven. It usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to bake but it is essential to prevent burning by keeping a close watch.

Making homemade dog treat recipe can be a fun especially with pets starting to like them. Do not use controversial ingredients that can cause more harm than good. Do not add garlic, onions or raisins as it can be harmful to your pet. Check for other controversial ingredients, incase of any doubts check with your veterinarian.

Some of the popular homes made treats are Chicken Jerky Strips, peanut butter dog biscuits, vegetable treats, bacon flavored treats, multigrain dog treats and more.

There are exclusive diet restrictions for dogs that have kidney disease such dogs should be offered low phosphorous diet. Egg whites, squashes, sweet potatoes and zucchini can be used. For those suffering from liver disease or pancreatic disease, fat intake is essential. Biscuits that contain animal fat can be tried. There may be some canine that are allergic to wheat for them rice flour or corn flour can do wonders. Even instant potato can work.

Tips For Storing Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade dog treats do not contain preservatives and hence have to be consumed quickly. They tend to get rotten due to humidity. Always ensure that these treats are crisp and dry so that they last longer. Store them in tight zip lock bag or canister. Leave it in the refrigerator if you want it to last longer.

If  you use Greenie dog bones or Zukes dog treats or want or make some holistic dog food try these tips and ideas above for some healthy change for your pet.

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