Healthy Diet Is Really Important For Your Family Pet

The Key Reason Why a Healthy Diet Is Really Important For the All-Around Health Of Your Family Pet

We are all aware that a good diet is a key to our overall health. It increases levels of energy, helps to ward off sickness, boosts the health of skin and hair, and makes the body feel fighting fit. Why should things be different for your family pet? Luckily, people are realizing that they should be giving the same consideration to their pet’s diet as they do to their own. Besides plenty of loving attention and daily exercise, a healthy diet is the most significant thing that you can give your animal.

Regrettably, there are plenty of low-quality pet foods available, and because they are usually much less expensive than good quality food, you may be tempted to buy them. With such a plethora of products available, it’s tough to distinguish the good from the bad. That, combined with the dreaded table scraps that certain individuals give their pet, is a recipe for disaster! ’People food’ causes various stomach issues or something more serious such as pancreatitis.

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Premium pet foods are the way to go. These varieties of food are made out of the best quality ingredients, providing optimum nutrition for your family pet. Cheap pet food can lead to various of problems, such as stomach distention, irregular bowel movements, and obesity. Only feed your pet the recommended amount according to their size, and keep a regular schedule, feeding them twice daily. Don’t be tempted to leave food out all the time, as you will forget precisely how much your pet has eaten, and this will definitely result in weight gain. Preeminent brands of high-quality pet food include Hills Science Plan, Iams, and Eukanuba.

Kibble should be the primary component of your dog’s diet. These foods contain a large amount of animal protein, followed by vegetables and fat. Pay attention to the ingredients and ensure that meat is at the top of the list. Try to change the kind of meat whether turkey, lamb, chicken or beef) every couple of months, gradually adding the new type of food. Stay away from corn or wheat products as they can lead to serious skin allergies and ear infections. Healthy grains include barley and rice. Don’t buy food that includes meat ’by-products’, as these can be from any part of an animal, including intestines, brain, and bone. Remember to choose a dry food that is age appropriate: puppy, adult or senior. The food is manufactured according to specific nutritional requirements according to age.

Cats have rather different requirements, with a minimum of 75% of their nutrition having to be wet food. This helps with kidney function and dilutes their urine. If your cat has previously suffered from bladder or kidney disease they shouldn’t eat any dry food whatsoever, as it can lead to dehydration. Cats also require a larger meat content in their food than dogs, as they can have problems digesting plant matter. Ensure the first ingredient listed is meat or fish, and choose a variety with less than 10% of the vegetable content. A good rule of thumb is to choose a cat food with the minimum of ingredients. Your cat has to consume taurine in their diet, as a deficiency can cause heart problems and blindness. If this essential amino acid isn’t contained in the food, they should take a dietary supplement.

When you change a flavor or brand of food, be sure to introduce it slowly, mixing it in a little at a time. This could take seven days or more if you have a particularly picky eater. Keep an eye on any changes in the skin and coat, and pay close attention to a change in stool consistency.

Now you know the best type of food your pet, you need to think about where to buy it. While you could be tempted to just get something at the grocery store, you really ought to purchase the food from a reputable pet store. The staff are extremely well-informed, and can give you advise on the ideal food for your family pet. Unfortunately, some people just don’t have the time to make a trip to a specialized pet store. The elderly or those with disabilities may not be able to handle hefty bags or multiple cans of food. The solution to this problem is an online pet store, as they usually carry a comprehensive selection, at extremely affordable prices. Another benefit of the majority of these online stores is free shipping Just look at the website, place your order, and the pet food will arrive on your doorstep!

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