Importance Of Grooming Your Pet

Part of the responsibility of owning a pet is keeping it clean and well-groomed. When dogs and cats are regularly bathed and groomed, they are happier. Besides looking more attractive, pets that are properly groomed are also healthier and safer from flea infestations, because fleas and other parasites are less likely to live in your pet’s fur. Matted and knotted fur can lead to health problems. Fortunately, many health issues can be avoided or resolved simply by owners getting their pets groomed on a regular basis.

Typical Dog Grooming Services

Professional pet grooming services entail bathing your dog, including caring for your pet’s fur. The professional groomers at a Kamloops pet grooming centers are trained to bathe and dry dogs, as well as trim and style the various coats of different dog breeds. At the request of owners, flea and tick applications are given. Brushing your dog’s teeth is another service.

What’s more, groomers offer fur treatments designed to reduce coat shedding. Dogs with dry coast can receive moisturizing treatments that condition their fur, making them healthier.

Nail cutting is another significant service, as failing to trim nails can make a dog more prone to hurting themselves, their owners, other people, and other animals. Nails that have grown out too long can even make it harder for a dog to walk.

Sometimes dogs need to have their anal sacs emptied. This job should only be handled by a professional.

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Common Grooming Services for Cats

Even though cats are known for grooming themselves, they still need to be groomed, especially if they’ve been shedding a considerable amount of fur. A good sign that your cat needs a grooming job is discovering that its fur starts tangling and knotting. When your cat is professionally groomed it can help lower cat allergies. This is because cat allergies are usually due to a certain substance found in a cat’s saliva. When cats lick their coats their saliva spreads all over their fur.

Cats typically don’t need bathing, provided they don’t have a medical problem or a flea infestation that necessitates it. Always talk to your vet before you wash a cat.

Pets That Need More Frequent Grooming Services

Pets with long or medium fur usually need to have their coat brushed daily while animals with short hair can get away with only a bi-weekly or weekly brushing. How often your use the services of a professional pet groomer also depends on the breed of your pet. For example, breeds such as poodles and Pomeranian dogs need to be groomed more frequently than other breeds.

As for cat breeds, Persian cats are probably the breed that needs the most frequent grooming. In fact, they need to be daily groomed. Persians also need a specific eye lotion to prevent their eyes from watering and creating dark stains due to tear marks.

Frequency of Dog Bathing

Often dog owners are confused as to how often they need to bathe their dogs. A good rule of thumb is to give your dog a bath at least once monthly. On the other hand, if you have a dog needing to be bathed more often, you can give your dog weekly baths. Just don’t bathe your dog any more than once a week, because your pet’s skin can dry out, resulting in skin irritation. Most dogs can be bathed at home, using a good dog shampoo. Dogs with sensitive skin need dog shampoos with formulas made for the soothing skin to prevent skin irritation.

Considerations and Warnings

Dogs that take frequent walks on paved surfaces usually don’t need to have their nails trimmed as often.

If your dog is tense and has a history of resisting vets, have another person help you in holding down your pet. Avoid being anxious yourself. Be sure to talk gently and stroke your dog, as you reassure him or her. Giving small treats can also help make the job somewhat easier.

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