Keeping Your Cat Safe For The Duration Of The Holidays

Keeping your cat safe is always primary, but it becomes harder to do for the duration of the holidays. Due to visiting guests, trips out of town, home decorations, and strange food, there are many dangers to cats that aren’t present at other times of the year. Here are many tips on keeping your cat safe and happy for the duration of the festive season.

The original thing to think regarding is guests who are visiting and perchance staying in your home. For most cats, this is a stressful time. While cats aren’t as aloof and independent as they’re frequently portrayed, they’re creatures of custom and can become stressed by changes. Few cats are employed to all the noise and comings and goings that go along with holiday celebrations. Be sure that they have a quiet place to go where they will not be disturbed.

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Another thing that can cause your cat distress is whether or not you take out-of-town trips and must find somebody to care for your cat. Cats can more without apparent effort be left home alone than dogs, but they will still be checked on each day to be given fresh water and food, companionship, and litter box cleaning. In many cases, a friend or a neighbor can assist out, but assure that you have a backup lined up in case something happens to your original plan. A pet sitter can likewise be hired, but make an appointment early since they have a tendency or disposition to be to a complete degree booked for the duration of the holiday season. Whether or not you can’t find somebody to care for your cat at home, they will be boarded. Most cats will not respond well to boarding, so try and make it for the shortest time possible.

A common safety difficulties that cats encounter for the duration of the holidays is home decorations. Cats love to play with and eat things that they like, and there are not many places in the house that are out of their reach. Keep things like tinsel out of your home wholly. For other things that your cat is attached to but aren’t wholly toxicant, use a bitter apple spray to dissuade them from chewing on the item. Likewise, provide them with an alternative, suchlike catnip or cat grass that you can grow inside your home.

Holidays are likewise a time when a cat is more likely to get food that will make her ill. Never give your cat table scraps. Keep food that is on the counter covered always so that your feline wouldn’t steal food that is not meant for them. Whether or not you are having family members over, exceptionally children, you may want to remind everybody that they should not give your pets any food. This will prevent your cat healthily and save you from having to clean up messes when they become sick.

The holidays are designated to be a joyous time but that can adjust with a disaster. Take the essential precautions to keep your cat safe and happy through the festivities so they can join you in the celebrations for many years.

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