Preventive Health Care for Dog

Dogs are sometimes considered a member of the family. The best way to ensure the pet is healthy is to implement some measures to reduce the chances of them getting sick.

There are a few things you must think about regarding health care before getting a dog. You can get information and guidance about choosing the right dog for the family and the typical health issues that breed may have from a veterinarian, breeder, or other informative sources.

You might find the right dog at the pet shop or a breeder. Someone in the neighborhood may be selling or giving the pups away. In some cases, a stray will follow an individual home and this is the beginning of the relationship. Animal shelters are also an excellent source for locating a pet that desperately needs a home.

preventive health care
Preventive Health Care

Regardless of how you obtain your pet, the dog should be brought to the veterinarian immediately for the closer examination. Your pet veterinarian will advise you some tests to make sure there are no parasites or viruses present and perhaps vaccinate or administer booster shots if necessary.

Booster shots for puppies usually happen over a period of three months. During this time period, the animal must be kept away from other dogs or places other animals frequent. The best way will be to keep the dog on a leash when outdoors.

Adult dogs also require booster shots for rabies what’s more annually or every 3 years, a subject on the dose. Other booster shots may be required at different intervals.

Following the initial visit, you should continue to watch for any visible signs of problems with the dog. Unfluctuating if you do not sign any trouble, you should bring your pet in for regular examinations with the veterinarian, usually every 6 months to a year.

You must also be sure to provide adequate shelter for your pet to prevent hypothermia, dehydration or diseases, and parasites transmitted through feces not removed from the dog’s kennel area.

Check fences and kennels frequently to make certain there are no hazards or possible escape routes. Many animals are injured either when trying to escape or, once escaped, being hit by a car.

Both indoor and outdoor pets should also be given proper exercise. Walking in the morning and in the evening will defuse some of your pet’s energies while keeping them fit. Many breeds enjoy swimming and playing fetch to help keep them active. Such activity can help prevent obesity, joint disorders, and heart disease.

Proper nutrition is also very important.You can check with the veterinarian regarding the best food for your pet that gives the right amount of nutrients. You may also include some supplements such as multivitamins, as long as these are approved by the veterinarian.

You should also be careful not to feed the animal too much since obesity can also lead to other health problems for the dog including diabetes and heart disease.

The dog should be bathed regularly to help prevent and treat skin conditions and flea infestations. There are shampoos and soaps available that will equally prettify and state the coat and skin while killing and controlling pests such as fleas and ticks.

In addition, a flea treatment should be regularly applied. Such treatments are available over the counter or from your vet. They are applied topically or administered orally, usually monthly.

There are a lot of dogs that are not given a proper care in the United States. Having your pet spayed or neutered will help control the animal population. These services are available at the veterinarian or at animal shelter clinics in most neighborhoods.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. The best way to make sure your pet will live for many years is to provide some preventive health care. There is a wealth of information available to help you with this.

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