The Characteristics of Beagle Dogs

The beagle is a beautiful dog breed and well liked among breeders. They were originally bred as hunting dogs and over the years they have been adapted into pets as well. The beagle has a strong sense of smell and that is why they are often used as tracking dogs in various catastrophes. The beagle is known for its desire to sniff out and find people or objects and point them out to its handler. That is why the beagle is being used in rescue operations to find buried people. They are also starting to be used a lot for searching for drugs and explosives and because of their peaceful nature, they are a good choice for this task because the risk of them tripping and activating explosives is very small. Since they have been developed primarily as hunting dogs they require lots and lots of walks. So it’s natural to say that a house with a big yard is a perfect choice for housing a beagle. If you decide to keep this particular breed in an apartment, be ready to take it to lots of long walks since without it the dog may develop a harsh temper. And that is something that is very characteristic for a neglected beagle and the most common problem for those who have it as a pet. Every beagle owner has to pay attention to its walks. But with proper care, the beagle is a fantastic family dog and that trait had ensured him the position of a recovery dog.


Well, trained beagles are often used in hospitals as dogs that help seniors keep their health up by making them leave their rooms and take walks. They are simply the dogs you have to fall in love to. They are easy to groom, they look naturally beautiful and they will give you ten times the love you give to them.

Another great thing about the beagles that makes them a good choice for pets is that they don’t have many hereditary diseases that are common for other breeds. As mentioned before, the beagles have excellent scent abilities and they are being put to work on airports, helping the customs agencies because they have a passive nature and they don’t scare the people while they are walking by. Also, this is a very intelligent breed and with training, you can perfect it to be proficient in many different fields.

The biggest problem that beagle owners will have with their dogs is that they are great escape artists and often you will have to wonder around the block looking for them. But with training, this problem can be overcome with ease. The only thing that beagles don’t excel at is being guarded dogs because of their gentle nature and the fact that they are easily won over. This also can be changed with training but it’s not advised because that would be altering their natural temperament and can spawn many problems in the future. If you want a dog that is a good family pet but can also have a variety of other roles the beagle is the breed for you.

How to Train a Beagle : Breed Characteristics of Beagles

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